Monday, June 27, 2011

A Test Drive

Well, I had an unexpected day today. My mother had called me about taking her to an estate sale. This is a very large estate, and it the second time the house has been open. My mother purchased some very nice items at the first sale. After my morning exercise and healthy breakfast, I drove and picked her up. I didn't have time for lunch, but I grabbed a large apple and threw it into my bag for after the sale.

At the sale, my mom ran into a friend. She had another woman with her. As we were leaving the sale, the friend invited us to go "out for coffee" with them. She selected a little cafe. I was hungry, as I hadn't eaten lunch. The friend's friend hadn't eaten lunch either. I ordered a chef's salad with vinegar and oil and a to go box. I had a glass of water to drink. I immediately put half of the salad into the box. I asked for the salad dressing on the side and just dipped my fork into it as I ate. I used very little dressing.

After spending the rest of the afternoon with my folks, my mom said I should just stay for dinner. She was serving left over roast beef in the form of hot beef sandwiches. I had one slice of bread, about an ounce of beef (the smallest piece I could find in the pan) and just enough gravy to dampen the toast. I also had about a half a cup of cauliflower (no butter.) I ate the rest of my left over salad along with it. Not bad.

Tomorrow I am heading off to visit my kids. Today was a test drive of how to eat when I am away from home. If today was any indication, I should be okay when I'm at the kids'. I was pleased with my choices today.

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