Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year's Purge to Refresh the Psyche

So, like many people, I have an area which is my collect all, throw it there for now, out of sight-out of mind, I'll get that in a minute. That place is our bedroom. While I am moderately successful at keeping our main living area minutes away from respectable, the bedroom gets frankly out-of-control. Normally, during the summer months, I give the bedroom a thorough cleaning and it looks and feels great, until about October. Once I get back into school, we begin that clutter-spiral that ends up as a major stressor. Last summer, I taught into July with the college gig, then my nephew came for a couple of weeks, and then I was back into the school routine. The room, which was bringing me to tears by last spring did not receive its customary, and necessary, summer cleaning.

With the coming of the new year, I can no longer bear the clutter and dust. Today began The Purge. As I am just coming off a two week backache resulting in an impressive Quasimoto impression, I am taking The Purge in stages. Thusfar in Stage One, I have hauled out a bag of old magazines and gone through two bookshelves. I've taken several bags of books to the basement. I love books, and have way too many. I never want to part with any of them, so they are in the basement awaiting shelves and a permanent home. A stack of sweaters has been refolded and placed in the newly finished cedar chest that Bob made me for the end of our bed. All of the yarn that had been on shelves in the bedroom has been brought downstairs and is awaiting sorting by colors to go into Ryan's old dresser.

At this point, my back has reminded me that this will only be Stage One; and so I am sitting blogging. I am feeling a bit better about the state of our room, but it will be a great relief when the room and closet are all clean. There is nothing like a clean room to begin a new year.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Recently, I have been reading a book entitled The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women by Gail McMeekin. In this book, the author lists “Personal Positive Priorities” exhibited by creative women. She stresses that creative people need to find the correct abundance formula that works for them. I would like to try to focus on bringing many of these into my life this year. Let's consider them my New Year's goals:

1. Time for creative exploration.
2. Fulfilling work.
3. Encouraging partners, friends, and community.
4. Personal growth experiences.
5. Good health, including nutrition, meditation, and exercise.
6. Nurturing living spaces.
7. Continued learning opportunities.
8. Self-protection from negativity and toxic people.
9. Reflective time such as vacations, health spas, and retreats.
10. Spriritual practices and beliefs that support your practice.
11. Independence in action and thought.
12. Solitude as needed.
13. Inner security and centeredness.
14. Connection with nature and the arts.
15. Activities that stimulate inspiration.
16. Balance