About Me

Hello!  My name is Laura, and I live in a little house on Pinehaven Hill.

I was born right here in northern Minnesota, I after college, I threw caution to the wind and lived in the deep south and the eastern US. At one point in my life, I moved twelve times in ten years!  Most of those moves were over 1,000 miles! A person learns how to pack, let me tell you!

Once I had children, I moved back to my hometown.  I wanted my kids to grow up in a place where most folks would know their names.  Small towns in mid-western America, harken back to a different era.  I hope while you enjoy these stories, you'll remember a time when life was a bit slower, and neighbors still cared for each other. A time when desserts sat on the counter to cool, and kids rode their bikes after dinner, and people sat on porches.

As often happens in small towns, my kids moved to the Big City to get jobs once they were grown.   I miss them like crazy, but it is important for them to know that home is always here.

Welcome to my little slice of life, right here on Pinehaven Hill!