Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm Back!

Well, I had a wonderful visit with my kids! I stayed within my target range on my food choices with their help. They had put a lot of thought into restaurants that had good choices for me, yet were fun. We went to a Hibachi restaurant. You know the kind. You sit at a U shaped table around a grill. A chef comes out and puts on a show while stir-frying the meal. Knives twirling, flames flaring, and food flying! It was fun (our family is not the quiet, wallflower type) yet basically a meal of veggies and fish. I ate very little of the white rice they served, and brought half my meal home. We also went to a retro place that is famous for their mac and cheese. I ordered my mac and cheese with veggies and had the to-go box come with the meal. We made sushi at home one night with brown rice (doesn't stick as well as white rice, but healthier) and lots of veggies and fish.

I did not get in my aerobic exercise, but we weren't just sitting on the couch either. I exercised at the horse barn before heading out on my trip. The first day there, my daughter and her BF and I went to the zoo and walked the whole darn thing. The heat index was over 100 degrees, so I had to sit periodically in the shade. We bought water and stayed as hydrated as we could, but I think I still got a bit dehydrated. The second day, we went to a museum (air conditioned as heat index was dangerous.) We spend 5 1/2 hours in the museum walking around.

I feel pretty good about the way I handled the visit, but the scale seems stuck. Now, I have a pretty craptastic scale, but I think after my initial burst of weight loss, I seem to be just hanging in the same place. I guess it's good that I didn't gain on my mini-vacay, but it would have been nice to see a couple pounds disappear. I'm starting to believe that I just won't lose unless I exercise a lot more than I am currently able to (no matter how good I am with my food choices????) My exercise DVD is getting easier, and I think I will soon be able to move onto doing an additional segment. So that is a good thing, and maybe it will help to get that scale to move?

In the bad news department, on Tuesday, as I was in route to the city where my kids live, my uncle had a massive heart attack. He has had Type II Diabetes since 2008. He hadn't been feeling well for several days, but refused to go to the doctor. They had to transport him from our local hospital to a larger one 20 miles away. He crashed in the ambulance, but they were able to bring him back. By Thursday, he was off the ventilator, and sitting up in the bed and things were looking better. But Thursday night, he had another heart attack. On Friday, they did an angiogram, and found blockage in every artery and a bad valve. He is scheduled for open heart surgery on Monday. It is coincidence that all my siblings are arriving today for pre-arranged vacation over the week of the 4th. Now, my 5 cousins are here from the far corners of the US because their Dad is so ill. My own Dad is having a difficult time with this, as he is his only sibling, and possibly because I (his only daughter) had a heart attack 17 years ago when I was only 35.

I am confident after the visit to my kids' that I can keep within my food choice range, but I am unsure how the exercise department will go for the upcoming week. Wish me luck!

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