Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trying Out Some Nouveau Cuisine

It was a stunningly beautiful day where I live today. I had the windows open, the sun was shining, and I could hear the birds singing. We live where we have very few gorgeous days like today, and I appreciate them so much!

I exercised to my DVD and then set out to try some new recipes from the Spark Recipe app on my iPhone. I had tried the Skillet Lasagna the night before. Now, I like lasagna; but I'm not a great fan of soft cheeses. I come from a long line of lactose intolerant people (did you know that lactose intollerance is in your genes?) and I eat very limited dairy. I wasn't fond of the Skillet Lasagna, and I think the reason was because of the soft cheese that is in the recipe. Undaunted, I just told my husband that he could have the leftovers (I'd made a double batch) and that I wouldn't be repeating that recipe.

This morning, I tried again. I made the Low-fat Dark Chocolate muffins. Wowsers! We LOVED them! They are sweet, chewy, moist and delish! I tweeted my delight, and my daughter-in-law wants to try them when I visit this week. This is a recipe that I will make again, and probably again. I had one with my egg white and veggie omlet, and I was off to a good start on my day.

For dinner, I tried the Salsa Turkey burgers. Another winner! I had purchased pre-made, frozen turkey burgers in the past, and didn't care for them. The salsa, parmesan cheese (a hard cheese,) and the spices really made these burgers tasty! They will be repeated, and my husband was happy to hear that news.

It feels great to start finding healthy choices to add to my menu repetoire. One of my goals this summer is to find ways to make this new lifestyle do-able once I go back to school in the fall. Having recipes that are easy and quick to make, yet help me to hold to my new lifestyle are going to be a big part of the battle! Yay!

My son wants me to come for my visit a day earlier than I had planned this week. I'm excited about going (because we are going to a Twins game), yet it will give me a few more meals away from home than I was expecting. I'm planning on bringing my exercise DVD with me, and perhaps taking their little dog for a morning walk while I am visiting. I'm trying to plan the best I can so that I will be prepared for challenging moments during my visit.

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