Monday, June 13, 2011

June is Bustin' Out All Over

My first week of summer vacation has flown by! I had one day of laziness within a series of very busy days. 

I spent Monday with my mother, as my dad was out fishing with a friend.  We had intended to go to a very ritzy estate sale, but we were surprised by a visit from my mother's aunt and cousin.  I had not seen this particular cousin since I was a teenager, so we had much catching up to do.  My great-aunt has recently had a series of health issues, but she is just as spunky as ever. 

On Tuesday, I put in my first double-class shift at the Therapeutic Riding facility. (See previous post) I must say, it is quite a workout for a person my size to be walking in eight inches of sand for a couple of hours. I was a side-walker for the first class, and lead the horse for the second class.  We have a wonderful instructor, nice clients, and good horses.  It is good exercise for me, as I am busy thinking about all that is going on rather than paying attention to how much I'm huffing and puffing and sweating.

Wednesday was a lazy day for me.  I was sore and tired from my day at the horse barn.  I knew I had family arriving the next day, and that the rest of the week would be hectic.  I spent some time knitting, reading, and generally relaxing.  
I've made two of these diagonal washcloths in the past week.  This orange/yellow/pink one for Katie's new sunny kitchen, and a green/brown/cream one for my mom.
Katie loves giraffes, so I made this giraffe and tree patterned dishrag for her in a bright orange color. She doesn't have a dishwasher in her new apartment, so I imagine these washrags will get a lot of use!

On Thursday, my sister-in-law and nephew arrived from Arizona.  My nephew was headed to Camp Buckskin out of Ely for a month of camping.  This is a very big deal for him, his first camping experience, and the longest he has ever been away from home.  Camp Buckskin is a camp for children with disabilities, such as my nephew's Asperger's Syndrome. I spent the lion's share of each day with my parents, sister-in-law, and nephew every day through Sunday. I drove my nephew to camp on Sunday along with my dad and his mom.  I most sincerely hope that this camp will be a very valuable learning experience for him!

In addition to spending long days with family, I squeezed in a baby shower on Saturday with my daughter-in-law, and part of today (Monday) with my daughter.  My daughter had been home for a bachelorette party honoring a friend.   We had a nice lunch at Mexico Lindo before she headed out!
We took this picture just before Katie headed for home today.  She had a used dinette set in her car that Bob had found for her new apartment!  I hope to get a chance to spend some time visiting my kids this summer.  I don't get to see them nearly often enough for my tastes.  My son is going to help me refine my web presence, and my daughter says she will go yarn shop hopping with me! 

Tomorrow, it is back to the horse barn for another 3 1/2 hour session.  I hope to get my plants into my planters, as it seems that summer has finally arrived in the northwoods!

Be grateful and see the beauty in each day!

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