Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another Nice Day, Hangin' In There

Well, this is a first. We had two, count 'em TWO, nice days... and on a weekend, to boot. My husband and I went to a local art fair, and then did a few errands. I bought an air popper for popcorn, and some new measuring cups and spoons. (I'm using more now that I'm measuring things.)

I made the Spark Recipe for Cola Chicken for dinner. I've made cola based barbeque sauce before, but I wasn't sure my husband would like it. He did, and said I could make it again. So, we added another recipe to the repetoire.

I have been doing my one mile walk via DVD every morning, and have remained beneath my target area; but my weight loss has stopped for now. I figured that once I got rid of the water weight, things would slow down, and they have. I am not discouraged yet, I've been down the road before. I also know that I shouldn't be weighing myself every day. I do feel that my exercise DVD is getting easier every day, and that is important. I am eating healthy, which is really what this is all about. My fitness plan is that I will start adding strength training a little at a time as my cardio improves.

I started making a list of things to pack for my visit to see my children. I have included some healthy muffins (breakfast food), healthy snacks, my walking DVD and exercise clothes. Still nervous about how this visit is going to go. My kids work some of the days and I will be out and about the city. Normally, I would grab a McD's slider and a sweet tea and call my meal done. Not this trip. I'm going to have to plan ahead for lunches on the go when I'm not at home.

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