Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Walk

Just a short post today because I spent most of my afternoon reading this:

I picked it up this afternoon at the library and sat down and read it cover to cover in one sitting.  I believe it is around #14 on the Bestseller List.  It was an excellent and easy read.

I also went to the dentist this afternoon.  It was a good checkup, but he spoke to me again about clenching my teeth.  It looks like I might have to invest in a splint to wear at night.  It seems to be worse at times of stress, you know, like parents having surgery, and having to reorganize a classroom and files....

I noticed today that my climbing rose is blooming.  If it hadn't been pouring rain again this evening, I would have taken pics of that.  Maybe tomorrow...

Be grateful and see the beauty in each day!

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Doreen said...

I am a clencher also. Had some adjustments years ago not sure it helped. :)