Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Annual Purging

Okay, so because I'm a teacher and I teach in two places, by the spring of the year, my bedroom and especially my closet tend to show the effects of a busy school year.  By "effects" I mean a cluttered, heaped disaster.  Every year, I have the best of intentions that it will not become out-of-control, and every April I look around and realize that once again it has happened.  That means that one project that occurs every summer is a massive closet clean-out and bedroom reorganization.  Except for the past two summers.  Two summers ago, my nephew came to stay with us, and last year I had a brainstorm for a crafting business and we took a camping trip.  That means that this year the closet was really, really bad!  Yes, I had stuff on the floor.  Yes, I had old clothes that no longer fit.  Yes, yes, and yes... it was bad.  So today, The Great Closet Purge happened. 

Hunter: Hey, Jack, did you notice that Mom seemed a bit grumpy today?
Jack:  Yeah, I noticed that.
Hunter:  She keeps yelling at us.
Jack:  Humph, all we're trying to do is help her haul all those clothes out of the closet.
Hunter: Yeah, and she's tripped over me at least 17 times.
Jack: I think it's kinda funny when she flips over you and that armful of clothes goes flying.
Hunter: Some people just have no sense of humor. She looks like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football when she does that.
Jack:  Shhhh... here she comes to see what we're up to......

This is a ginormous mountain of clothing.  The light in the background is coming from a now empty walk-in closet.
Several hours of action-packed bagging, sorting, and organizing fun in 100% humidity and we have a clean closet!  Happiness is a clean closet! Next year I swear I won't let it get that bad again...
Hey, I forgot there was carpet in here....

Be grateful and see the beauty in each day!

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