Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy to Make This Exchange!

So, yesterday, a buddy on, wrote about cleaning out her closet. Susie was getting rid of many sizes of clothing that are now too big for her. I was amazed and so happy for Susie! What a great feeling that must be!

As for me, I'm just a month and 20 pounds into this thing, and I've been avoiding purchasing any new clothing. I've been hoping that I would be moving down a size or two... eventually.

Due to my knee injury and beginning physical therapy on Monday, I've been contemplating asking the PT about setting me up in a program in the adjoining gym. My mother swims there several times per week. I'd like to try the pool (although me in a swimsuit is a shocking and painful experience for all.) My mom called me yesterday after she returned home from said pool. She said a lady there had a new swimsuit that she got on sale at a local store the day before. My mom thought it was such a pretty suit and knew that I'd been thinking about trying the pool. I told Mom I have a suit (hardly worn, obviously.) Mom said that if it has a skirt on it, I shouldn't wear it to the pool, as the chlorine will make the skirt grow to ankle length in no time. Rats! A swimsuit without a skirt is required?!?

Well, she talked me into going to the store to see about a suit on sale. They had one left. Hmmmm.... I didn't really want to try it on, as I have this humongous robo-leg brace now. I also looked at a swimsuit cover-up. " I better make this a size bigger than usual because I don't want a cover-up to be clingy when I'm wet." I also thought I should probably get a couple of stretchy bottoms to wear to therapy over the ding-dang brace. I picked up some stretchy navy crops and a black stretchy skort from the exercise clothing section, in my usual size.

I went to the check-out counter, and the clerk asked me if I'd like a dressing room. "Oh no," I said, "I know my size here, and besides I have a leg brace because I recently hurt my knee." A woman in the nightgown rack said, "Tell me about it," and I see a cane waving from behind the summer-weight nighties. The shopper volunteered that she had undergone a knee replacement. I inquired how the new knee was functioning? She said, "Terrible, it will never be the same. They offered to do it over, but I won't trust them to operate again." I shared that I had fallen down some stairs, and was having surgery in August. I said I was purchasing a swimsuit to try some water therapy. The woman's response was, "They tried that on me. I told them I haven't had a swimsuit on since my children were babies, and it ain't happening now." The thought popped into my head that if they told me I'd have to parade around the gym stark naked to get my knee back into shape, I'd probably do it. I'm willing to try anything they recommend to get myself moving again.

After that exchange, I asked the salesclerk if she could order the swimsuit for me in a size larger. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to spandex. She checked and said she was sorry, that is the largest it comes. So I purchased the swimsuit, and the usual-sized bottoms, and the one-size-larger cover-up and made my way back out to my car.

As I was going through the process of getting my leg into the car, and hopping the rest of my body behind it, I saw a pickup truck pull up in front of the store. A guy jumped out, literally ran around to the back of the truck, get a step-stool, place it at the passenger side of the truck, and run to get his wife off the curb and assist her to the step-stool. It was the knee replacement customer.

Now, I'm not passing any judgement on that lady, but I am trying to learn from her. There was bitterness in her and blame toward the people who tried to give her a new knee. Sometimes these surgeries go awry, and I most certainly pray that my upcoming surgery goes well. But I think attitude has a lot to do with how successful a person's recovery is. This woman seemed angry about her bum knee, and angry that she didn't recover well, yet unwilling to follow the therapy suggestions that were offered to her.

This morning, I tried on the clothing that I purchased yesterday. The swimsuit (that I wanted to order in a larger size) fits perfectly. I couldn't wear it any larger. And the usual-sized clothes are loose! WHA?!?!?! Loose? I could keep them, but I don't want to be hoisting them up all the time I'm at therapy. I'll be very happy to take them back and exchange them for a slightly stretched one-size-smaller, thankyouverymuch. Yay for Susie, yay for me, and yay for you if you have enjoyed the thrill of moving down a size!

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