Sunday, August 1, 2010

Relaxing Sunday

Yesterday, I spent some time at school putting up a couple of bulletin boards.  The room has been gutted since mid-July, and now that the company is gone, I can start to put things back together.  Here's the start of the biggest bulletin board in my room.
That is green cotton fabric on the board.  I prefer to use fabric, as it holds up better than paper.  The blue next to the ladder will go up for the next part of the board. Here's how the green section turned out.
On I went to the next section of the big board.  By this time, I was hot and sweaty and put my fan on "high."  I had to finish cutting out all of the little animals for the next section of the board.  I'm not sure why I love farm scenes so much, but I do.  It must be the farming in my genes, put there by my great grandparents.  Here's the farm board.  I'm going to put the words "Welcome to Our Class" on the yellow sign.
After I finished this board, I went to my folks' house for a little visit.  Here's how the two look next to each other.
Today, was a relaxing day spent at home.  I did a little walking around outside and snapped some pics of the flowers in the yard. In spite of my notorious black thumb,  love having flowers around me and really miss them all winter.  This year, I went with mostly petunias.  I also have roses (which are past their prime now) and daylilies.  So, enjoy a few shots of my summer flowers.
Red Wave Petunia and Lobelia
Katie's Planter
Pink Daylily
Pink and White Petunias
Bright Yellow Daylily
Watering can planter
Purple veined Double Petunia

Be grateful and see the beauty in each day!

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