Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer's Hurrah

I know everybody says it, but I really cannot believe that summer vacay is coming to an end.  HubBub actually took the weekend off, as things were pretty slow there.  So, he had Sat thru Mon off!  I know!!! Never happens!  The sad thing is, that on such short notice, we couldn't get our dogsitter set up.  So, we took a couple of short daytrips on Saturday and Sunday. 

On Saturday, we took a trip through Cable, Wisconsin and down to Hayward.  I had been wanting to visit the Pine Needles yarn shop in Cable all summer.  I have been very good about NOT increasing the size of LeStash, but I did score a couple of skeins.
On the trip to Cable, I finished yet another set of Fetching Gauntlets.  I've lost count, but I think I've made 4 or 5 sets of these this summer. 

I love this yarn!  It is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Knit Picks has a new cashmere and merino blend out that I might have to try.  When I finished the gauntlets, I went back to work on the green sleeves for the HubBub sweater. 

I feel that I've been working on this sweater forever!  I guess it has been about a year, off and on.  I'm making it on size 4 needles and he's a big guy, so it is a big project. 

While we were in Hayward, we stopped by the candy store.  It was packed in there!  We got a small bag of assorted hard candy, and some fudge!

I got a half pound of maple nut fudge, my absolute favorite!  I've been carefully rationing out a small bite in the evenings. I can make a half pound of fudge last a LONG time that way!  We drove over through Danbury on the way home and came up Hwy. 61 from Hinckley. I love the drive north from Hinckley via 61.  When I was a kid, we came up that way every Sunday to see my grandparents.  The trip always feels like "we're going to Grandma's" to me.

Yesterday, we went to the County Fair.  It was hot, but enjoyable.  HubBub had never been to that fair, and he was surprised at how much there was to see.  We watched some horse racing, took in all the historical buildings, and listened to some former students play music on the stage.  I was coerced into joining the Historical Society, but it's okay because I'm into the family history and stuff. I love the animals, and I took pictures at the Petting Zoo of the babies.

There were two very tame alpaca.  Gotta say I love their fleece!

Twin fillies, this one had one blue eye.

Arguably the smartest animal in the pens. Donkey.

Zebra reaching for a carrot.


Camel.  It was a one-humper.
In the end, Jack was very happy we were home each evening and that he didn't have to be left with the sitter.
All in all, it was a really nice weekend, even though we didn't get to go on a longer trip.  I wish we could have more weekends like this!

I was reading some advice for good blogging, and it said to keep to the theme of your blog.  It said that your readers should know what to expect when they visit your site.  I think about the other blogs I frequent (see blogroll on right) and in fact, those bloggers pretty much hold true to whatever their theme is.  That's got me thinking.  My blog was originally supposed to be about knitting, but like my mind, it seems to wander.  In my attempt to be fairly frequent in my blogging, I see that I resort to writing about daily life more than knitting.  In fact, it seems I write about my daily life with some knitting sprinkled in, which is pretty much how my life is.  I'm wondering now if my blog is too scattered, or if it is okay to write about life with fiber sprinkles?? 

Be grateful and see the beauty in each day!

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elaine said...

Your blog is great the way it is! I have thought about this issue too but tend to have the opposite problem - if I don't have enough work to show then I may miss a few days by not saying enough!- which doesn't lead to hapy blogging or happy readers. I think blogs that work tend to reflect the true personality of the person - or they can feel a bit contrived. I like to know the person as well as what they make - most makers end up showing a bit of their lives in between projects - just whatever you feel comfortable with sharing:)