Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Steamy Tuesday

Today, it is my mother's 74th birthday.  It is also my parents' 53rd wedding anniversary.  My mom got married on her 21st birthday because she wanted a sunny day for her wedding.  All her life, it has only rained a handful of times on the day of her birth.  The day of their wedding was brilliantly sunny.  In the outdoor photos, everyone is painfully squinting.  She got her wish and had a beautiful wedding day.  Happy Birthday, Mom!  Happy Anniversary, too! You had yet another sunny day!

I believe today was the hottest day of the summer, and the first 90 degree day we've had in something like 2 years.  What was I doing on this steamy day?  Climbing on and off a ladder and countertops at school, putting up bulletin boards. Youza, she was a scorcher, especially at ceiling level.  I had my little fan a-chugging, but it only made it feel like somebody had a blow dryer aimed at my face.  I did get two more bulletin boards up and my alphabet is at least on the wall.  It needs tweaking, as it is still wrinkly and a bit crooked, but it is actually on the wall. 

I could have taken pictures of the bulletin boards, but my brain was fried and I forgot.  It feels good to be making progress, albeit it slow progress, in the classroom. 

Be grateful and see the beauty in each day!

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