Saturday, April 16, 2011

Winter and Wedding

It has been months since I blogged last. So much for resolutions and the sort. It seems that the winter doldrums combined with school days leave me with little to say and less energy to say it.  I am beginning to feel myself emerge from my winter hibernation and I'm ready to share what has been happening during these long months. 

I have been knitting, but not taking the time to photograph my results.  I made a basket weave blanket and hoodie sweater for my friend, Doreen's, daughter's baby shower.  The gorgeous little man was born on April 5th.  I was so honored that they chose to use the blanket I made for his newborn pictures!  I made a beaded scarf for Doreen's sister.  I did take a pic of that.

Gayle bought the materials for me to make a second scarf for myself in exchange for making the red one for her.  The second one is black with iridescent beads.

I have some other baby gear in progress for another babe to be born in June. There's another on the way in July that I have yet to begin.

The biggest thing that happened in the previous months was that my niece, Amanda, was married in Phoenix, AZ. Most of my family was in attendance, and I did take many photos during our trip.  It was Hubbub's first jet airplane ride(s).  We flew out of Minneapolis and had a plane change in Denver both coming and going.  Although we had but a very few days in Arizona, we had a great time.  We got in very late on Friday night for the Saturday wedding. 

It was difficult to get good pictures of the ceremony because our flash wouldn't reach, but this is the moment when Mandie was saying her vows.  Here is a better pic of the bride and the groom that I "borrowed" off their Facebook page.
After the ceremony, there was a gathering of family in the lobby of the church.  My family was enjoying the day.  For those readers that might not know, my brothers Tom and Tim are twins who are only 10 months younger than I.  We went all through school in the same grade (like triplets.) They have lived in Arizona for years, and although we don't see each other but one week a year, we remain very close. Here is Tim and I.  I always try to take a picture of us when we are together, but rarely have both our heads in the picture at the same time.  I had help on this shot. He is the father of the bride.

You can see that I am just a little bit shorter than my brothers.
My daughter, Katie on the left, and my niece, Jenny on the right, the sister of the bride.

Brothers Mike on left, and Tom on right. They like to make strange faces when a camera is aimed at them.  This is about the only "normal" picture of Mike that I got.  Normal is a relative term.
Tom (nice face, bro), my very thin father, and my son, Ryan.  I don't remember my dad ever being this thin. He lost 35 pounds for the wedding and looked svelte!

We played a great joke on Tim. Thirty years ago, when he and Barb got married, he wore the stripe-topped tube socks that were the fashion in the 70's beneath his white wedding tux. When he was standing in the front of the church, everyone could see the stripes under his pants. It was a memorable part of his wedding. His response at the time was that Mom told him to wear white socks with his white tux, and they were the only white socks he had.  Since my family can never let a good story go, Mike came up with the idea of presenting Tim and the groom, Matt, with some tube socks for this wedding.  After all, tradition is tradition.  When we were standing for our family photo, Mike asked if everybody remembered to wear their white wedding socks.  Sure enough, we all did!  Since I was wearing sandals, I could only wear the top of my white socks, but I didn't forget to wear them! Matt was in on the joke, and thought it was a great idea.

Tim laughed so hard, he had tears streaming down his face. We definitely got him on this one! 

My family has very nice, gentle, polite ways of telling me when it is time to put the camera down for awhile.
Oh dear.
Mike was a fabulous help and served punch to everyone during the appetizers. He pitched right in!
The reception had a Lego theme, complete with a Lego wedding cake!

Tom and I.

Three generations. Me, Mom, Katie.

My wonderful kids!

With our remaining time in Arizona, we took in a spring training game between the Diamondbacks and the Cincy Reds at Goodyear Stadium. We had dinner at Tom and D's house and a nice evening with them.

The last day, we went to artists' tents and out for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, The Horny Toad.  I was beginning to get the subtle hints again that it was time for the camera to go away.
Ryan was a bit toasted from the Arizona sun.

Kate's characteristic pretty smile had given way to her "make it stop" look.
Mike was..... well...... Mike.......

Bob was anxiously awaiting his very first Horny Toad's famous strawberry shortcake, which is anything but short.

Our four days in Arizona went by much, much too quickly.  Although we don't all get together but once a year, we always have such a good time.  We had a steak fry with Tim and Barb at Mom and Dad's on our final evening. We sat out on the bug-free, pleasantly warm patio and had a nice, relaxing visit.  I'll close with one last photo. The desert was just beginning to come into bloom while we were there. This is a blossom on a little barrel cactus that I snapped at the artists' tents.

Be grateful and see the beauty in each day!

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