Thursday, July 1, 2010

On the Go Kinda Day

I made a trip back to the eye doc today for a recheck.  He was checking the fit on some new sample contacts.  I still have the cluster of black dots in my left eye from a "vitreal tear," but he feels that will get better.  I ordered the new contacts, and went and got a couple pair of new glasses as well.  My old glasses had lenses from three prescriptions ago, and I decided it might be time for an upgrade.  I don't wear glasses all that often in public, but I'm kinda liking these. What do you think? Do they make me look distinguished? 
What?  Still looks like me? Oh well, what can you do?
Anyway, while I was awaiting the aforementioned new glasses, I did a little shopping.  I went to the Dollar Store and got some odds and ends for the classroom.  I found some cool stickers that have pictures of coins and the amounts of the coins.  I got some preprinted sight word cards that I will put up on a word wall. (Much less spelling things for kids during writing time if they can look at the wall and find the words. ) I also got some new plastic shoe boxes for my A.R. books (the old ones were really broken up.)  I went to the fabric store and got 5 different colors of fabric to use as backer on my bulletin boards.  I really like using fabric vs. paper.  It looks nice all year.  I went to Chez-Target and got a new kind of saline that was recommended by the eye doc for we of the older set.

On the way home, I swung by the public library and picked up a couple of books.  I'm kind of looking for some new read-alouds for the new year.  Although I love starting my year with a Kate DiCamillo author study (I read The Tale of Despereaux, The Mysterious Journey of Edward Tulane, and Because of Winn Dixie,) I tend to have less favorite books for later in the year.  I picked up a Charlie Bone book (number one in the series was checked out, so I took number two.)

Charlie Bone books are sort of in the same vein as Harry Potter.  Kids with magical powers.  What I know about Charlie so far is that he can look at photographs and hear the conversations that were taking place about the people in the photos.

I also picked up this book.  I know nothing about it, but the cover appealed to me.

I watered my flowers and made a spaghetti dinner for Bob with whole wheat pasta and red sauce with Italian sausage and ground beef.  I completed a couple pieces for that Stained Glass afghan this evening.  Knitting group was a bust tonight, as everybody is busy with the holiday.  So I sat at home, had a text conversation with Doreen, knit,  and I'm still watching the Twins in a tied ballgame. All in all, the weather was beautiful, and I had an On the Go kind of day.

Be grateful and see the beauty in each day!

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