Monday, July 28, 2008

What I've Been Up To...

Alas, my blogging has suffered while my eleven-year-old nephew visited us from Phoenix. While this blog has been woefully empty of posts, I have been helping Michael blog his Minnesota vacation. If you'd like to see what we've been doing, visit his blog at:
Here is a picture of Michael and me. We were out on the ATV's on this day. It was his first time driving, and he did a great job!

It will be obvious if you visit Michael's blog that we have been extremely busy, without much time for knitting. I am approximately halfway done with the lace portion of Katie's sweater. I have signed up for the Olympic competition hosted on in which I am knitting for two teams. The requirements of the Olympics are that I need to cast on a new project during the opening ceremony, so Katie's sweater will take a bit of a back seat for a couple of weeks.

I am planning on knitting a fair isle cardigan for my Olympic project. This cardigan has a steek up the front. For the non-knitting reader, a steek is when you completely knit your sweater, and then take scissors and cut the darned thing right up the middle. One would think that cutting knitting would lead to a complete unraveling of said sweater. Under normal circumstances, cutting is not recommended. The gist is that you knit a pattern in which cutting in a straight line is assisted, and you sew with thread on either side before the cut is made. In spite of all precautions before cutting, I am a bit nervous about this, but also looking forward to making my first steeked sweater. Thanks to good friend, Doreen, for helping me pick out the colors for this project. I will have to knit like the wind to finish a complete sweater for myself in 17 days.

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