Sunday, January 20, 2008

Custom order completed

Last week, I completed a custom ordered bag. The bag was supposed to be a duplicate of a bag I made about a year ago. I learned several things from this process. (A) I don't make bags to be duplicated. (B) You can't always match colors of hand painted yarn--especially difficult if you don't keep track of color numbers or names. (C) It causes me stress to try to duplicate something which I had no intention of ever duplicating. I ended up purchasing a couple hundred dollars worth of Malibrigo trying to match the colors of the original bag, which I could only remember from photographs which may or may not have been accurately representing the colors. Not that I am all that upset about adding Malibrigo to my stash, but I was never able to perfectly match the colors. The duplicate bag was most obviously darker in colors, but did turn out to be similar in size, style, and had a matching button. Lesson learned: do NOT promise to duplicate bags in the future!

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