Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!

Rumor has it that there are a few folks who actually read this blog. (You know who you are...) I've heard the complaints, and now that school is out of the way, I am available to blog away. So, it's summer, and for that I am very grateful. The end of the school year was difficult (aren't they all?) and the class at Scholastica took more time than I was anticipating. I thought I could just reteach the course again, but no, I had to go and redesign some classes because I was inspired by the interests of the students. Silly me.

Somebody asked me yesterday what I would be doing with my summer. I started listing things off like: teaching a spinning class, knitting, painting exterior door frames, putting in a retaining wall, you get the idea. She wrote back to me that I really should just do "the things that make my heart happy." Ahhhh.... if I did only that, a number of county and state health officials would soon be descending upon my humble abode in hazmat suits.

I have received a letter from the Junior League who sponsors the craft show I did last December. It is time to make a decision whether or not I will be participating in their show in 2008. As I see it, the real decision for me is whether or not I will be crafting or teaching at CSS this fall. With the Grade 2 job, I fail to see how I could possibly do both. IF I do the craft thing, I should concentrate my efforts on lower priced merchandise and bring the remaining higher priced bags left from last year. The college gig most certainly pays more, and is a sure paycheck, AND has the remote possibility of leading to something full time. The crafting is something I truly enjoy, is relaxing and rejuvenating for me, the booth is ready to go, and I loved doing the show last year. Decisions, decisions...

Speaking of knitting, the Brea bag from Berocco is knit, and I am going to block it today so I can begin to finish it. The Bramble bag from Berocco is about half knit. I shall try to take some photos today. A blog is much more interesting with photos, is it not?

The weather is actually NICE today. It has been such a cold, wet spring that the blue sky, birds singing, and windows open are such a relief. I need to put the gifts for my swap partner into a box and get them mailed today. I am going to try to set up a spinning class at Fabric Works in Superior. There is a woman coming in from Georgia on Thursday who wants me to teach her how to spin, and she's only here for a couple of weeks. There is a new yarn shop in Ashland which I have never visited, and is calling my name. Time to get moving on my day!

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